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Whether you work full time, have errands to run, or an event to attend, we can take the worry out of your day by dropping in to give your pet some TLC, all from the comfort of their own home.  

Our pop-in service is fantastic for those dogs that don't need a walk but would still like some company during the day. This service is ideal for older dogs or puppies, that need lots of stimulation and observation! During our visit we will let your dog out for their toilet break, refill food and water as required, and give them lots of fuss and cuddles to tide them over until their parents arrive home!

Pop-in visits last 20 minutes- again, we will send you a snap of your pooch, so you don't miss them too much whilst you are out! 

Puppy pop-ins are 30 minute visits. We have a good play, feed, toilet break and crate clean.

We have lots of experience with other pets too. We are happy to discuss pop-ins for other animals!


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Dog Walking and Pop-in Service
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