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Whether you work full time, have errands to run, or an event to attend, we can take the worry out of your day by taking your pooch out for a 'sniff and explore' for you!  

Whether your dog would prefer a 30 minute or a 60 minute walk, great fun is guaranteed. We walk in groups of up to 4 dogs, to ensure that your pooch has chance to socialise and play, but in safe environment. All walks are in local parks, fields or footpaths, and we try and switch up your dogs walk as much as possible to ensure that your dog has lots of different sights and scents to investigate! 

For your ease, dogs will be collected and dropped off at your home. We have a full clean driving license, and insurance covering this. They will also be toweled off if they are a little wet from any bad weather, or any swimming (dependent on location of walk and whether you are happy with this!). We can also fill up and water or feed dishes if you so require, on our return. Travel times, and toweling off will not be included in the 30 or 60 minute walk duration; your dog will get the full length you request!


We are happy to let your pooch off the lead so that they can have their independence, but if you would rather your dog stays on the lead, this isn't a problem either; just let us know! We do offer solo walks for those dogs which would rather just have a stroll without any four legged friends, but these are subject to availability- please drop us an email and we can discuss. 


  • 30 minute weekday walk £9.00 

  • 60 minute weekday walk £12.00 

  • 90 minute weekday walk £17.00

  • 60 minute weekend walk £15.00

  • 90 minute weekend walk £20.00

  • 60 minute weekday solo walk £15.00

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